Writing for the Stage

Working collaboratively in the theater permits me to be mindfully at play in the immersive experience of bringing ideas, bodies, voices and images together with an audience where they collide and find new unexpected juxtapositions.

ACHING TO GO HOME is the first of two plays I’ve written.

In the words of director Doris Mirescu of Dangerous Ground Productions, New York: Aching To Go Home is an attempt to represent memory and History, something impalpable, invisible and yet fundamental to the notion of being. . . . Aching To Go Home is an important attempt to question narrative forms. To think about displacement, exile, acts of being and dying.

In Aching to Go Home, the protagonist, a young man named Manet, (whose story is based, in part, on the life of my father), embarks, in 1944, for “the other side of the world . . . to the world at war”. Aching to Go Home tells the story of Manet’s defining experiences during the Second World War. His intertwined love affairs, friendships and relationships to family and religion are viewed through the veils of dementia brought on by Alzheimer’s disease that he suffered years later.

scenes from Aching to Go Home

I will post about other written works of mine in the future.

La Belle Hortense, Paris, 2003, © Paul R Solomon 2013

La Belle Hortense, Paris, 2003, © Paul R Solomon 2013